Tomáš Svoboda

Headshot of Tomáš Svoboda

Tomáš Svoboda

Chief Technology Officer
Technology, Digital 4.0
Brno, Czech Republic

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Tomáš Svoboda is the Founder and CTO at TechnicInsider and is a technology enthusiast.

He has been working with technology since he was a kid. He studied medical electronic devices in high school, and at his university.

During high school, Tomas started a project with industrial inspections of X-rays and CT scanners. This led to him establishing the company ELEDUS (now MICo Vision).

Tomáš Svoboda then sold the company in 2019 and for last couple of years he is working as independent consultant, programmer and software architect focused on the Industry 4.0 and IoT. Specifically, he works on opensource platforms for connecting blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies to IoT and Industry 4.0.

Tomas is a tech shaman that takes inspiration from Neo, Elon Musk, aliens, and laws of nature. I am interested in music, science, and technology and how to apply them effectively in accordance with good manners and nature.


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Other projects:

PL Framework
GitHub Virtual Economy Framework

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