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Designing Tech for Good: How to Deliver Solutions to Help SMBs...

We have a plethora of technology solutions purporting to help small business owners manage and grow their companies. Small businesses subscribe on...

Matthew Marx

Matthew Marx Co-Founder & CEO Technology, Digital Marketing Austin, TX, USA Listen to Matthew's Podcast! Matthew Marx is CEO and co-founder of Evocalize, developers of the Evocalize Collaborative Marketing...

Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Denver, CO, USA Listen to Michael's Podcast! Michael Kearns is the founder and CEO of Virtasant, a cloud technology company that specializes...

Lauren Hasson

Lauren Hasson Founder & CEO Technology, Software Dallas, TX, USA Listen to Lauren's Podcast! Lauren Hasson is the Founder of DevelopHer, an international, award-winning technology platform that inspires women...

The Robots are Coming!

When we look at all the current industries, the services industry is primed for another revolution. The last time it re-invented itself...

Maty Siman

Maty Siman Founder & CTO Technology, Cybersecurity Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Maty's Podcast! Maty Siman is the CTO and founder of Checkmarx, a software security company, as well...


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Kamyar Shah

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Sweta Shetty

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