Ade McCormack

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Ade McCormack

Author, Speaker, Advisor
All Industries
South Heath, England, UK

Ade’s Podcast!

Ade McCormack focuses on helping people thrive in the digital age. His clients range from individuals to intergovernmental organisations and include many of the world’s most popular brands.

He is a former technologist who today largely engages with leaders, so he provides his clients with a unique ‘bits to boardroom’ perspective. He is a former track athlete (and currently a parkour practitioner) who studied astrophysics and so he similarly has a unique ‘cells to cosmos’ perspective. 

Ade’s is typically called upon to provide advice around transformation. He is a popular keynote speaker covering various strategic themes including leadership, transformation and the future. 

Some notable points. Ade:

  • Is founder of the Digital Readiness Institute
  • Has written six books on digital matters
  • Has lectured at MIT Sloan on digital leadership
  • Is a former Financial Times columnist focused on digital leadership
  • Is a former CIO magazine columnist and CIO 100 judge
  • Has worked in circa 40 countries across the globe
  • Has worked across many sectors in his 35 plus year career at the sharp end of business and technology

The Digital Readiness Institute comprises online education focused on:

  • Business transformation
  • Career management

Ade’s six books are:

  • Beyond Nine to Five: Your career guide for the digital age
  • Biz 4.0: An anthropological blueprint for business in the digital age
  • Attention Dynamics: High personal performance in the digital age
  • IT Demystified: The IT handbook for digital leaders
  • The IT Value Stack: A boardroom guide to IT leadership (Wiley)
  • The e-Skills Manifesto: A call to arms – Written for the EC

Ade believes that organisations need to harness the (largely untapped) cognitive potential of their people, using technology to augment their natural talents.



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