Sonia Khemiri

Headshot of CEO Sonia Khemiri

Sonia Khemiri

Co-Founder & CEO
Beauty, Tech, Entrepreneur
New York, NY, USA

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Sonia Khemiri is the co-Founder and CEO of Beautyque NYC.

Sonia Khemiri is at the forefront of revolutionizing the beauty retail landscape through the innovative use of VR, AR, and AI technologies with Beautyque NYC and its extension, Beautyque Verse. With a Master of Science in Finance and extensive experience across several industries, Sonia brings a unique blend of entrepreneurship, tech enthusiasm, and financial acumen to the beauty industry and e-commerce. Her mission is to transform the online beauty shopping experience & beyond, making it as immersive and personalized as the physical retail environment.

Sonia Khemiri is the Founder of her own beauty brand in NYC and the co-founder of Beautyque NYC, the first-ever beauty 3D storefront and disruptive retail marketing platform for its more than 40 brands and 15,000 consumers. In December 2023, Sonia soft launched Beautyque Verse – offering an immersive VR environment on Oculus, iOS, and Android. This app harnesses VR as its core technology, supplemented by AR and AI elements to enhance the user experience.

She has been a speaker at the MetaVSummit in Dubai, Dublin University, W University Vienna, and CFA Formasup. Sonia is a 2024 Rising Star Finalist in Retail Tech by Fashion Group International, acknowledging her leadership and innovation in retail technology.

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