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Ari Vidali

Ari Vidali Founder & CEO Technology, Innovation Bloomington, IN, USA Listen to Ari's Podcast! Ari Vidali is Founder & CEO of Envisage Technologies, creators of the Acadis Readiness Suite,...

Tomáš Svoboda

Tomáš Svoboda Chief Technology Officer Technology, Digital 4.0 Brno, Czech Republic Listen to Tomáš' Podcast! Tomáš Svoboda is the Founder and CTO at TechnicInsider and is a technology enthusiast....

Innovating Insurance in an Unprecedented Time

Over the course of my career in insurance, I’ve learned that the one thing you can truly count on in our business...

Crypto, and Emerging Markets Powering Global Innovation

Emerging markets will be the new global growth engine with increasing mobile penetration, a young population and receptivity to technological innovation.  Emerging...

The Paradigm Shift That Will Power a New Era of AI...

Deep learning is set to transform entire industries and create new opportunities on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution in...

What Are Laser Cutters and How Do They Work?

Lasers capture the imagination of children and adults alike, but the idea that focused beams of mere light can cut through objects...


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