5 Myths About DevOps

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Back in 2008, a whole new way of doing things in IT came about. It was meant to shake up how IT worked, and that’s what it actually did. We’re talking about DevOps! But, even though it made a small revolution in tech back in those days, it took a while for businesses to catch on.

Today, we hear about DevOps services everywhere. But still, lots of people don’t get how these services actually work – that’s why there are plenty of myths swirling around them. So, let’s dig into a few of the big ones to clear up what DevOps really is about.

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Software engineer working on his laptop in DevOps

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Myth 1. It’s Just a Tool

Many people think that DevOps is simply an app you can buy, but that’s far from the truth. Yes, there are different apps like Azure DevOps, but this service isn’t just about tools. It’s a work style that brings together development, operations, QA, and security teams. Imagine how much easier it is to manage a software project when these teams are all synched together.

Myth 2. It’s Just for SaaS

You’ve probably heard that DevOps is mainly for SaaS companies like Cisco, Zoom, or even Netflix. Well, it’s true that these companies made them popular, but these services actually work for all sorts of modern software, not just web-based ones. 

DevOps is just perfect for:

  • IoT devices;
  • SaaS platforms;
  • Gaming apps;
  • Healthcare systems;
  • E-Commerce systems.

Now, let’s move to one of the most interesting myths. 

Myth 3. It’s Just for Devs and Ops

One reason for this myth is the DevOps name itself, telling like it’s only about development and operations. That was actually true for the early 2010s, but things have changed a lot these days. 

Nowadays, every field, like QA, Operations, Security, and Development needs its own specialists, and DevOps is meant to sync all of those. So, it’s really key to use DevOps principles in different areas to keep the teamwork smooth.

Myth 4. It’s a Magic Fix

Some people believe that if you use DevOps, all of your company’s problems will disappear. But it’s not that simple. DevOps isn’t a sort of a magic fix, but it can really change how your team gets software out the door, when used correctly. Here, success is all about planning a strategy, and choosing the right tools and processes. 

And it’s not just a one-time thing – that’s what we’ll talk about within the last myth.

Myth 5. It’s a One-Time Process

DevOps isn’t something you set and forget about; it’s a never-ending adventure of getting better. Imagine it like a train that needs fuel to keep chugging along. Every company’s trip with DevOps is different, with its own ups and downs. 

Being ready for change and keeping communication open among teams is key to making DevOps work and coming up with new ideas.

Bottom Line

As you can see, DevOps doesn’t work the way these five common myths say it does. And the biggest lie here is telling: “DevOps is all about the IT teams.” No, it’s not just about the tech side, it’s about getting the whole business on the same page, making the workflow smoother, safer, and better.

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