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Saroj Gupta

Saroj Gupta Founder & CEO Technology, Blockchain Overland Park, KS, USA Listen to Saroj's Podcast! Dr. Saroj Gupta is the Founder, CEO, and Investor in Asuun, which is a...

Four Ways Technology Can Help Displaced Women and Children

Population displacement is one of the leading policy issues of the 21st century. At least 79.5 million people around the world have...

Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins EY Global Technology Consulting Leader Technology, Consulting New York, NY, USA Listen to Dan's Podcast! Dan Higgins helps clients achieve their technology-enabled business transformation objectives, supporting them...

Crypto, and Emerging Markets Powering Global Innovation

Emerging markets will be the new global growth engine with increasing mobile penetration, a young population and receptivity to technological innovation.  Emerging...

Jane Thomason

Dr. Jane Thomason Chief Executive Officer Technology, Blockchain, Entrepreneur Brisbane, Australia Listen to Dr. Jane's Podcast! Dr Jane Thomason is a successful entrepreneur having founded and built a $250...
image of surveillance camera with human hands typing on laptop

How Blockchain Can Help Us Build a World that’s Both Safe...

The world is increasingly awash in connected, “smart” devices. The phenomenon -- often termed the “Internet of Things” or IoT -- began...


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