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Getting Factual Answers to More Difficult Questions

Every day, businesses and organizations are tasked with making more decisions than any human could ever hope to handle. Often, enterprises need...

Technology and The Future of Learning

As with many of our former societal norms, the educational institution with which we are familiar is changing and evolving as a...

Jerry Ting

Jerry Ting Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Jerry's Podcast! Before turning 30, Jerry Ting started a company that upended one of the largest...

Jay Venkateshwaran

Jay Venkateshwaran Business Head Unit Leader Technology, FinTech New York, NY, USA Listen to Jay's Podcast! Jay Venkateswaran is the Business Unit Head for Banking & Financial Services, and...

Karen Rossell

Karen Rossell Co-Founder & CEO Technology, Carbon Emissions Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Listen to Karen's Podcast! Karen Rossell is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Applied Negative Emissions Centre...

Elnaz Sarraf

Elnaz Sarraf Founder & CEO Technology, AI, Robotics San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Elnaz's Podcast! Elnaz Sarraf is the CEO and founder of the award-winning ROYBI® Robot –...


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