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Anita MacDonald

Anita MacDonald Founder & CEO Entrepreneur, Music, EdTech Edinburgh, UK Listen to Anita's Podcast! Anita MacDonald is the Founding CEO of Meteor Fireball. Anita, a former opera singer and...

Anthony Deighton

Anthony Deighton Chief Product Officer Technology, AI Boston, MA, USA Listen to Anthony's Podcast! Anthony Deighton, the Chief Product Officer at Tamr, oversees product and solutions strategy for Tamr’s...

Elle Marc-Charles

Elle Marc-Charles Inclusive Culture Leader Human Resources, Leadership Portland, OR, USA Listen to Elle's Podcast! Elle Marc-Charles is the Inclusive Culture leader for Belden Corporation. She recently founded Authentic...

Henry Penix

Henry Penix CEO and Co-Founder Technology, Entrepreneur Tulsa, OK, USA Listen to Henry's Podcast! Henry Penix, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Soaak Technologies, Inc. He is a is a...

Chuck Kemper

Chuck Kemper Chief Human Resources Officer Human Resources Houston, TX, USA Listen to Chuck's Podcast! Chuck Kemper is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the American Bureau of Shipping....

Why Factories Digitize and How To Do It Right

The goal of a factory is to be efficient while maintaining a high degree of product quality. The best way to do this is...


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