Tom Pagano

Headshot of CIO Tom Pagano

Tom Pagano

Chief Information Officer
Global Healthcare CIO
Kansas City, KS, USA

Tom’s Podcast

Tom Pagano, is a business and technology executive with extensive experience in large-scale healthcare, government and graduate-level educational environments. Tom has been a Chief Information Officer for over 20 years, predominately in the Healthcare sector, including Hospital Corporation of America as a global Healthcare CIO.

Currently, Tom is the Chief Information Officer for Johnson County Community College, in the Kansas City area. With more than 20,000 students enrolled in credit and noncredit classes each year, Johnson County Community College is one of the state’s largest institutions of higher education.

Selected Career Highlights:

Strategic Executive who surveys the competitive landscape, translates business advantages into clearly articulated goals and objectives, devises realistic trajectories toward desired outcome attainment, and meticulously guides his customers, constituents and staff toward bottom line results realization.

Transformational Leader who embraces the future; promotes organizational and team reinvention; carefully identifies, balances and mitigates risk factors; and introduces, socializes and instills change in realistic doses with a focus on long term sustainability.

Relationship Cultivator, Collaborator and Sustainer who deeply values, genuinely promotes and thoughtfully initiates and nurtures authentic and enduring trust-based relationships.

Energetic Problem Solver who tackles the most difficult and complex situations, challenges and assignments; invests the time necessary to analyze problem influencers, dynamics and causes; then constructs and implements viable and permanent remediation strategies.

Goals & Metrics-Driven Performer who establishes clear and concise expectations; requires exceptional, evidence-based behavior and deliverable outcomes; and rewards high performing leaders, teams and individuals based on organizational contributions and results.


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