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How Crowdsourced Data Could Affect Change Among Airlines

Today’s consumers want a forum to voice their frustrations with air travel because they tend to feel unheard in the heat of the moment....

Why Companies Should Invest in Sentiment Analysis

Monitoring and examining sentiments have become increasingly popular with brands focused on automating their business processes. Mainly known as an innovative tool used by...

How to Kick-Start Digital Transformation in Banking

Digitalization is taking over the world. There is no business and no industry that isn’t looking more and more to digital and automation solutions...

The Obvious Flaws in the World of Crypto in the Eye...

As the world enters financial uncertainty amid the looming recession, people are less likely to take leaps of faith and venture into what is...

Last Minute Vacation Rental Site Whimstay Gaining Traction

Whimstay is the leading last minute vacation rental marketplace focused on providing exclusive discounts. Whether travelers want a deal, are on a budget, or...

Using Scalable Information Insight Solutions to Automate Tasks

Companies are constantly faced with obstacles and hurdles that impact the efficiency of their business processes and operations. To successfully manage these obstacles, organizations...


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