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Getting More from Predictive Analytics with Holistic Technology

When law enforcement first began using predictive analytics years ago, no one foresaw how data analysis would someday be used to predict...

Solving the FinTech Back Office Problems with Technology

For the millions of American families receiving financial advice from over 300,000 financial advisors and wealth management professionals, their technology experience has...

5 Keys to Remote Business Success Every Founder Needs to Know...

The rapid and constant economic changes of 2020 prompted many business owners to rethink their strategies for the new year. Widespread pandemic...

Innovating Insurance in an Unprecedented Time

Over the course of my career in insurance, I’ve learned that the one thing you can truly count on in our business...

Top Things to Look for in a Modern-Day Operational Intelligence System

Digital transformation has been an ongoing trend over the last decade, but the pandemic has accelerated this to new heights and at...

Hussein Ahmed

Hussein Ahmed Founder & CEO Technology, FinTech San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Hussein's Podcast! Hussein Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Oxygen (, a modern financial platform...


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