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Businesses Face Tough Decisions in the Wake of the IT Talent...

In an era when just about every business relies on technology, the IT skills shortage has forced many into a seemingly unwinnable balancing act....

Accelerate AI-Voice to End the 911 Phone Line Staffing Crisis

AI, not humans, should immediately screen 911 calls. Why? There are too many stories like this one about a 3-month-old baby who died in Florida. The baby's...

Should I Upgrade My 3D Printer With Auto Bed Leveling?

Manually leveling the Ender 3’s bed isn’t difficult, but it takes some time to get it just perfect, and I’ve discovered that the printer...

How Bioplastics Will Ultimately Save the World

Science has allowed breakthroughs in the possibilities of what we can do with our resources. For instance, we have discovered that we can create...

Truly Unlocking the Power of Defi

Since the beginning of DeFi, there has not been a lack of innovation. Decentralized finance has enabled the development of whole new asset classes...

Removing the Addiction Barrier

Treating PTSD in the Metaverse using VR (“VRx”) benefits from addressing underlying substance use disorders According to The National Health Study for a New Generation...


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