Linda Grasso

Headshot photo of Linda Grasso
Headshot photo of Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso

Chief Operating Officer
Digital Transformation Consulting

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Linda Grasso is Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl, an italian innovative startup active in the world of Consulting. She’s a Management Engineer passionate in Digital Transformation and STEM. After Honors Degree at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Linda started pursuing a business career that combines Emerging Technologies and Engineering Doctrine. Making use of her problem solving skills, she handles project management through the use of both operational and strategic planning approach.

Among her work experiences there are many projects in different fields, eg: Healthtech – scientific system for brain injury diagnostics through advanced Machine Learning algorithms, & Buildings – design and implementation of a digital platform for buildings earthquake risk analysis. Furthermore, Linda Grasso is a CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative) Fellow and a Writer for the IoT Magazine. She strongly believes in empowering Women in Tech and their leadership skills for a better future.


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