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Coruzant Technologies is a top-tier digital media and verified publication with a globally syndicated podcast – The Digital Executive. Our Web 2.0 content is also duplicated and published on Web3, which means it’s permanently stored on the blockchain. We are the first tech publication of its kind.

Coruzant logo and contributor guidelines

  • We share, feature and publish emerging trends, technology, STEM, and thought leadership articles globally. With a combined readership and social following over 200K+ on social media and growing!
  • We welcome contributors and thought leaders that want to showcase their quality content.
  • Your submitted article is aimed to inform, teach, and/or provide opinion on the subject matter.
  • We’re looking for submissions that are geared towards helping Leaders and Technology stakeholders.
  • Article submissions are 650 words, minimum, and 1,500 words maximum.
  • We require a headshot and short bio for all submissions. We will also feature all your work through a large social media campaign, providing you positive and massive exposure.
  • You must be approved with writing privileges on our platform prior to contributing any content.
  • A fee of $49 is required to publish an article on this platform.

Coruzant logo and Do's & Don'ts for Contributors

  • Your contributions may NOT be promotional, sales, press release, or customer case studies.
  • Your contribution must be unique and exclusive to us; it removes any ambiguity around copyright, plagiarism, and Google SEO.
  • Please have sub-headings, short sentences, good grammar, spelling, and the article must flow. Basically, you need to answer the reader’s need in the best possible way for the reader to consume it.
  • We do accept pitches and bylines from PR agencies and vendors, but please be specific on what you are looking to post.
  • If you want us to include a specific featured image, or embed any graphics into the article, please send high resolution pics so they can be resized easily.
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We have a very large social media presence and tens of thousands of subscribers. We promote all contributed content to our global readership, and we’ll include your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram handle when we post it, providing great visibility opportunity for you and your business.

We don’t mind if you want to include a URL or information about your company in your bio. However, article URLs in your article must be relevant to your contribution and may be removed for any abuse. 

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