Dominique Rey

Headshot of Founder and CEO Rey Dominique

Dominique Rey

Co-Founder & CEO
FinTech, Blockchain
Zurich, Switzerland

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Dominique Olivier Rey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Numarics, Switzerland’s virtual CFO. He is a Swiss-certified public accountant, certified banking expert, and certified business economist.

He is also recognised by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) as a certified audit expert and secretary of the commission for bank audits of EXPERTsuisse.

His remarkable expertise lies in the transition from the old to the new economy. He understands the limitations of both systems and actively advocates for a better future for the new, technology-based economy. Dominique strongly believes that automation of repetitive tasks enables humans to do what they do best: Focus on their business, their customers and their success.

His passion is Blockchain and crypto assets and the future of how we pay, store and manage value. Dominique enthusiastically compares blockchain to fully automated high-security accounting programs.

Numarics users benefit from the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies that Dominique has enabled from the start.


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