Angela Murphy

Headshot of Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy, PhD

Speaker, Author, Strategic Partner
Kansas City, MO, USA

Angela’s Podcast!

Angela believes that strategy and insight are the keys to driving innovation. After earning her Ph.D., Angela built a partner program at a Fortune 100 company from the ground up, leveraging her global experience and relationships across the fintech sector. She knows that the best transformations are not based in numbers but on the people. And, she knows that sometimes the best talent for your team are people you might have never imagined.

Angela gives talks to universities and corporate organizations looking to change the relationship between the private sector and academics. Recently, her work has been featured on Versatile Ph.D. She is also in the Centurions Leadership Program and working on her first academic publication.

Angela holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the University of Kansas, a Master’s in English from Northwest Missouri State University, and a Bachelor of Creative Writing from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.


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