The Future of Hiring

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Before starting Premier Virtual, I hosted in-person job fairs for nearly nine years. The biggest frustration of in-person events was organizing the contact information and resumes received, after all, everything was on paper. Going back to the office with a stack of resumes and business cards only means you had to scan or manually input the information into your database. Things have changed now with the future of hiring.

Technology has come a long way, and nothing else compares to the reports that are easily accessed after a virtual hiring event. All attendees, all communications, all resumes are easily sorted into reports that can be quickly accessed and acted on. This format makes it much easier to integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are so common with employers. Almost all fortune 500 companies use these, and about 75 percent of small businesses rely on them to organize their hiring process.

Building the best

We are working hard to provide 100 percent ATS integration with our platform because we understand that the information is only as good as your ability to access it. We also realize some of the challenges that ATS systems pose because of the way these work. Many times, it may kick-out qualified candidates because not all the criteria is met, yet that applicant may have been a good fit. In fact, a recent Harvard Business report revealed that ATS is responsible for blocking or disqualifying many qualified applicants. 

This system, which ranks relevant keywords, skills, degrees, credentials, responsibilities and other qualities that indicate to a hiring manager or recruiter that the applicant is qualified for the position has been deemed impersonal, and quite frankly unfair to applicants who don’t know how to use such keywords. That’s why integrating virtual job fairs into your future of hiring strategy can provide a huge boost to your qualified applicant pool.

Now, hiring managers can meet candidates in a virtual hiring room. Think of it as a 24/7 office that can be linked to your company’s job listings. This allows company recruiters to schedule an open house on set days and times where candidates can meet and chat. If there is a fit, the recruiter can enter a pre-screening interview, and then decide if the candidate should be scheduled for a more formal interview. This tool has proven to reduce time to hire from an average of 30 days to just over 7 days.

The virtual hiring room

What’s included in a virtual hiring room? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Fully customizable
  • Live reporting during events
  • Video interviews
  • Candidate matching based on experience
  • Registration setup wizard
  • Ability to host a webinar
  • Built-in text and email reminders
  • API to integrate with current ATS systems
  • Candidate “journey” with ability to rank companies and track their progress
  • Organization ability to tag candidates before an event to show interest and schedule interview
  • The future of hiring standard

Premier Virtual is the number one virtual career fair platform in the industry, with nearly 200 Workforce development boards choosing the company for online career and hiring events. 

Don’t let the ATS systems choose your candidates for you, take back control of the hiring process with your own virtual hiring room.

Host Virtual Hiring Events with Premier Virtual

Premier Virtual fosters innovation and strives to provide solutions to complex virtual problems. Through building relationships based on integrity, trust, honesty, transparency and teamwork, the tech-forward company always gets the job done. It’s important embrace change and the future of hiring.


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