Lauren Tickner

Headshot of Founder and CEO Lauren Tickner

Lauren Tickner

Founder & CEO
Marketing, Entrepreneur
Dubai, UAE

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Lauren Tickner is the Founder and CEO of Impact School.

Lauren Tickner became a millionaire at the age of 23 and has spoken on the same stage as Alex Hormozi and Gary Vee thanks to her social media and sales skills. Some know her for her large podcast, Impact School, where she’s interviewed the likes of Grant Cardone. So, how did she get here? She made her first million through building a highly engaged audience on social media and using that audience to launch a highly profitable online health coaching platform, Strength Feed.

After helping a few of her friends do the same, she realized there was a huge opportunity in making “monetizing social media” her business focus. And that’s how Impact School was born. A few years later, and Impact School has helped more than 1200 business owners implement social media sales systems to enroll more premium clients organically.

Lauren helps those that are a personal brand, creator, expert or influencer who’s looking to profitably grow their digital empire leveraging social media without a big stressful team or spending time glued to your screen.

Lauren Tickner is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read her podcast interview transcript.

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