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Ahmer Inam

Ahmer Inam Chief AI Officer Artificial Intelligence, Analytics Portland, OR, USA Listen to Ahmer's Podcast! Ahmer Inam is Chief AI Officer for Pactera EDGE, a leading global digital and...

Prateek Joshi

Prateek Joshi Founder & CEO Technology, AI, Silicon Valley, CA, USA Listen to Prateek's Podcast! Prateek Joshi is the Founder and CEO of Plutoshift, a startup with locations in...

Kim Hakim

Kim Hakim Founder & CEO Technology, Cybersecurity St. Louis, MO, USA Listen to Kim's Podcast! Kim Hakim is the Founder and CEO of FutureCon LLC. With over 20 years in...

Jane Thomason

Dr. Jane Thomason Chief Executive Officer Technology, Blockchain, Entrepreneur Brisbane, Australia Listen to Dr. Jane's Podcast! Dr Jane Thomason is a successful entrepreneur having founded and built a $250...

Yonatan Geifman

Yonatan Geifman Co-Founder & CEO Technology, AI, Deep Learning Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Yonatan's Podcast! Yonatan Geifman is co-founder and CEO of Deci, the deep learning company dedicated...

Eran Shlomo

Eran Shlomo Co-Founder & CEO Technology, AI, Entrepreneur Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Eran's Podcast! Eran Shlomo is the Co-founder and CEO for DataLoop.  Eran has held key positions...


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Kamyar Shah

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Sweta Shetty

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