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Fintech Revolution: How Businesses Can Benefit from Embedded Finance

Fintech has grown rapidly in recent years to address the expanding demand for better experiences in personal finance management and payments, merchant payments and...

Michael Grillo

Michael Grillo Vice President MarketingFinTech, EntrepreneurNew York, NY, USA Listen to Michael's Podcast! Michael Grillo is the Vice President of Marketing at Ampla. Michael “Mike” Grillo is an...

How to Win More M&A Deals with Half of Your Resources

Next-generation deal-making for private equity, family offices, and lenders No private equity investor ever changed the world — or amassed a fortune — by being...

How to Launch a Corporate Venture Capital Arm

Large companies have long sensed the potential value of investing in external start-ups. Once called "strategic investments," VC deals involving corporate venture arms as...

Sachin Jhangiani

Sachin Jhangiani Co-Founder & CMO FinTech, Entrepreneur Phoenix, AZ, USA Listen to Sachin's Podcast! Sachin Jhangiani is Co-Founder and CMO. With more than two decades of finance experience on...

Decentralized Finance – The Opportunity Towards Financial Autonomy

In February 2021, the US Labor Department announced that the inflation rate in The United States was 7.9%. Meanwhile, the US national average interest...


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