Yair Solow

Headshot of Yair Solow, Centraleyes' CEO & Co-Founder

Yair Solow

CEO & Co-Founder
Technology, Cybersecurity
New York / Tel Aviv

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Yair Solow is the CEO and co-founder of Centraleyes, a leading technology innovator in the fast-paced sector of advanced cyber risk and compliance management.

Yair leads a team of world-class cyber security and risk experts in the development of cutting-edge solutions that address internal risk, vendor risk and executive board risk.

Yair’s vast experience inspired his vision of a new risk management platform that equips organizations with unparalleled tools to achieve and sustain cyber resilience in a rapidly changing world. The solution automates, centralizes and visualizes risks to save time and resources and allow users to focus on their business success.

As Centraleyes’ CEO & Co-Founder, Yair assembled a team of technology innovators, military intelligence veterans and senior corporate leaders–and led them to produce the most advanced Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform in the world.

Before founding Centraleyes, Yair was a senior executive at the Visa Corporation, where he led business activities in a number of major European markets. In 2015 he helped spearhead the launch of Visa’s Innovation Hub in Israel.

Yair’s passion has always been entrepreneurial. Prior to his tenure at Visa, Yair launched a number of successful technology ventures.

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