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Eliminating Cyberattacks in Financial Organizations with Know Your Transaction

Companies currently deal with the old and traditional procedures of: Know-your-customer onboarding Bad API integrations Poor customer support services Moreover, entrepreneurs, startups, and other financial companies need modern...

Three Essential Proactive Steps for Keeping Enterprises Cybersecure

Ransomware, phishing and malware are just some of the cyberattacks plaguing enterprises today. As the pandemic spurred a shift in digital transformation and remote...

5 Ways Technology Assists Identity Theft

Technology is becoming increasingly interconnected. Most people use multiple devices daily and store almost everything about their lives online, leading to identity theft. Additionally, improvements...

Miki Shifman

Miki Shifman Co-Founder & CTO Technology, Cybersecurity Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Miki's Podcast! Miki Shifman is the Co-Founder and CTO of Cylus. Prior to founding Cylus, Miki served...

The Real Impact and Cost of Rail Disruption

Our trains continue to move away from their former image as smoke-billowing, piston-churning iron horses of the past as they become faster, more efficient,...

The Russian Tech Entrepreneur Fighting Putin’s Censorship Regime

Thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sophisticated international propaganda machine, his reign as this era’s new and would-be tsar in Moscow is often portrayed...


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