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Mark Testoni

Mark Testoni CEO Technology, Cybersecurity Washington, DC, USA Listen to Mark's Podcast! Mark Testoni, CEO of NS2, is among the nation’s leading experts in the application of technology to...

Avoiding the Price of Poor Payments: Customer Satisfaction and Safety

With the onset of COVID-19, recent reports show that buying patterns experienced decades of change in just a few short months. Add...

Stiepan A. Kovac

Stiepan A. Kovac Founder & CEO Quantum, Cryptography, Cybersecurity Fribourg/Bern, Switzerland Listen to Stiepan's Podcast! Stiepan A. Kovac, MSc ICT Security, is the group CEO of ITK.Swiss, a cryptography-focused...

Dionis Teshler

Dionis Teshler Chief Technology OfficerTechnology, CybersecurityTel Aviv, Israel Listen to Dionis' Podcast!   Dionis Teshler is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of the automotive industry’s first Cybertech Tier...

Yair Solow

Yair Solow CEO & Co-Founder Technology, Cybersecurity New York / Tel Aviv Listen to Yair's Podcast! Yair Solow is the CEO and co-founder of Centraleyes, a leading technology innovator...

Kim Hakim

Kim Hakim Founder & CEO Technology, Cybersecurity St. Louis, MO, USA Listen to Kim's Podcast! Kim Hakim is the Founder and CEO of FutureCon LLC. With over 20 years in...


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