Alex Nocifera

Headshot of Founder Alex Nocifera

Alex Nocifera

Founder & CEO
Advertising, SaaS, Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Alex Nocifera is the Founder and CEO of LOMA.

LOMA is Alex Nocifera’s 4th venture-capital-financed technology company helping multi-unit, enterprise brands drive last-mile results with over 30,000 branded stores acquired as customers, including brands such as Starbucks, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Panera Bread and more.

Alex’s 20 years of experience is all about driving last-mile success into storefronts by activating timely, locally relevant advertising.


Franchising’s solution to local marketing. LOMA software architects, activates, and attributes scalable local store marketing across franchise systems.

LOMA also empowers franchise brands with funding solutions to immediately boost royalty growth for franchisors and sales and profit for franchisees.

LOMA executes curated local marketing to increase local awareness through an annual always-on omnichannel approach connecting franchise brands to the local communities they serve. LOMA software provides franchisors visibility at the macros and micro level of all the local marketing activity, spending and attribution to sales and transactions.

A platform designed to scale and validate local marketing for multi-unit brands. LOMA software can track LSM activity across all locations for multi unit brands. It can also architects, activates, and attributes scalable hyper local community marketing at the individual location level across multi-unit brands. LOMA also empowers brands with funding solutions to immediately boost sales growth.

Alex Nocifera is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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