Saroj Gupta

Headshot of Saroj Gupta

Saroj Gupta

Founder & CEO
Technology, Blockchain
Overland Park, KS, USA

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Dr. Saroj Gupta is the Founder, CEO, and Investor in Asuun, which is a Blockchain technology company.

Saroj Gupta is a Harvard trained geriatrics dentist. She taught at UMKC and University of MD in Baltimore, where she also rolled out Electronic Medical Records.  She hired the offshore development team that includes software developers, mobile developers, BAs, and QAs.  One of her main accomplishments is getting a blockchain storage company e-Right to provide an exclusive development contract to Asuun. Additionally, she developed online dental screening for school children.

Empowerment starts with information. That’s why MyDigiRecords is focused on ensuring health information is always within reach. Families can stay up to date with immunizations based on CDC guidelines, manage their medications, get notified of potential medication reactions, and work with their healthcare providers to make informed choices about their health.


MyDigiRecords gives people control of organizing and managing their important health information, including immunizations and medications. Having important health records at their fingertips allows people to make better healthcare decisions – when it matters.


Using ML and AI powered software to bring digital equity in various sectors affecting disadvantage population.

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