Big Data Game Changers: Artificial Intelligence + Ethical Intelligence

visual side view of a robot like AI with the earth as the brain

The technology is ever changing. In the present market, there is a tool for almost every problem. So why are customers and organizations still frustrated? In this hype of big data, AI tools, and numerous software apps and solutions, do organizations have an idea what exactly is the big data problem and find the right solution? Big data game changers will be Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Intelligence.

The biggest challenge now is big data management. Where to start? How to solve it?

What is the underlying concern?

It is like this – imagine your Lego set came without a picture and instruction. The big question is what to do with this Lego set. Most of the organizations are in this situation now, where there is tremendous amount of data from multiple sources with no manual on how to use it. These combinations will be big data game changers.

With the exabytes of data generating, we have the below billion-dollar question to answer – How to smartly manage the big data?

Is it AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI transforms hours and days of work in minutes. It is going to save operational cost and time more than half. AI by itself is useless. It needs to be fed with data, goals, and conditions. AI by itself is a tool and it is up to us how to use this tool. As a result- our first intuition is to either make it a business model or accelerate the business. The goal is valuable as it can build better services for customers and build the economy.

Who determines the goals and conditions for AI? It is us-the human workforce of organizations.

Who can help the human workforce to create quality and safe conditions This is where EI comes in.

What is EI (Ethical Intelligence)?

Ethical Intelligence being aware of and knowledgeable about the ethics you embrace on the data have in hand.

Ethical Intelligence brings the purpose and asks the question why we need this data? What will it be used for? and how to do this?

Combining AI+EI can help us to transform BIG DATA management to SMART DATA management.

AI+EI – symbiotic relationship for smart data management

Ethical Intelligence needs to be applied at all phases of data management. From data collection, till data archival.

The awareness at every stage of data management will help us to assess the need of the data, its risk, and its impact.

For example, while collecting the data, if we can condition/ create conditional statements using EI to the AI tool to collect only certain sets of data. These combinations will be big data game changers.

Big Data Game Changers

As we get more and more results from AI- we can continuously adapt and advance EI to make and manage data that matters the most. The path to advance, adapt, and ace the game of big data management is to create a strong AI+EI partnership. These combinations will be big data game changers.


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