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A Look Inside VoiceTech: Uncovering the Power of Tonal Intelligence

38% of a message lies in the tone of voice. However, emotional information leaked through voice tone cannot be altered or hidden; as a...

Relevancy is Key for Implementing Artificial Intelligence

We all know that connecting people to information is critical for learning and discovering new facts and details. Connecting people to information is a...

Building Meaningful Communications Through Democratizing AI

Large companies have had access to artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time and have been using it to enhance their customer relationships and...

7 Car Safety Technologies That Can Save Your Life

The invention of the automobile forever changed how we travel, and vehicles are now an essential component in every citizen's life. Unfortunately, driving can...

Using AI Techniques for Ultimate Knowledge Finding

Timely, relevant, and productive knowledge finding is a prerequisite to innovative corporations worldwide. Achieving such requires more than implementing the “trendiest” solution on the...

The Benefits of AI-Powered Business Analytics

Business analytics give everyone from project managers to C-suite executives the ability to make better business decisions. Such tools turn otherwise unintelligible data –...


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