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Aashish Mehta

Aashish Mehta Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur, AI Boston, MA, USA Listen to Aashish's Podcast! Aashish Mehta, the CEO of nRoad, created and commercialized digital/AI solutions for the financial...

Connecting Your Data to Discover Semantic Relations

Successful business operations are defined by intelligent decisions that come from actionable insights. Discovering how certain entities fit together to optimize profits and create...

Benefits of Data Management in Large Retail Companies

Data management is essential in the field of business, including large retail companies. In addition, the great proliferation of new offers, demands and experiences...

What Is Data Observability – And What Does It Look Like?

In 2022, data observability will be a must-have for every data team. But what is it and what does a good approach look like? Across...

5 Things Are Destroying Your Data – But There are Tools...

There is a reason this point in history has been called the Information Age. It is estimated that as a global society, we create...

Achieving a 360-Degree View of Your Corporate Data

Corporations today must operate on sound intelligence that comes from every corner and crevice of their business. Information is everywhere, and the ability to...


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