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What to Consider When Upgrading Your Public Safety Agency’s RMS

Accurate record-keeping and shareable information to meet reporting mandates and transparency goals is vital for public safety agencies across the country. Unfortunately,...

Get Actionable Data with AI-based Tools for Natural Questions

Uncovering insights is hard because we depend on data to answer questions. The problem is that most companies are not collecting “the...

Big Data Game Changers: Artificial Intelligence + Ethical Intelligence

The technology is ever changing. In the present market, there is a tool for almost every problem. So why are customers and...

The Human Side of Our New Data Currency

As enterprise continues the process of digital transformation, it’s becoming clearer than ever that data itself has become a form of currency.

James Anderson

James Anderson Chief Customer Officer Software, AI Brick, NJ, USA Listen to James' Podcast! James Anderson is the Chief Customer Officer for Aktana, the pioneer in intelligent engagement and...

Making Enterprise Search Personal

Knowledge management providers are now looking to build systems that are more tailored to the needs of their customers. In technical parlance,...


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