Ramesh Balan

Headshot of Founder and CEO Ramesh Balan

Ramesh Balan

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Ramesh Balan is the Founder and CEO of Knomadix.

Ramesh Balan is a serial entrepreneur, a successful business executive, inventor and technologist who has always believed in thinking differently – using unconventional outside-the-box approaches to solve large-scale complex problems in many industries, including interactive media, telecom, healthcare, and education.

Ramesh’s latest venture, Knomadix, has created a virtual lesson bot platform powered by AI to deliver personalized learning at scale. Knomadix’s proprietary patent-pending technology expands on a teacher’s capabilities, giving them the ability to capture deeper insights into how each and every student in their class learns, including any gaps in their knowledge, and then offering targeted remediation. With Knomadix, teachers improve student performance by leaps and bounds in a highly efficient and effective manner.


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