Vince Lusardi

Headshot of Chief Experience Officer Vince Lusardi

Vince Lusardi

Chief Experience Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Denver, CO, USA

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Vince Lusardi is the Chief Experience Officer at Everest, who focuses on crafting experiences so that the brand and the community thrive. Most of Vince’s career has been in the startup space, specifically in DTC eCommerce and lead generation.

Before Everest, Vince served as Chief Design Officer, then later Chief Creative Officer of Catch Co., known for the community-fueled fishing subscription box, Mystery Tackle Box, now found in Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart. At Catch Co, he spent the last 10 years building the brand experience through design, storytelling, and content strategy. Vince is a devout believer that disruptive brands achieve radical differentiation through 2-way community engagement. Engagement builds moments, and moments build brands. See, each touchpoint in the ecosystem is an experience that shapes relationships. And companies that invest in these moments have the edge over the competition.

Vince’s inspiration to join Everest was fueled by his passion for wellness and love how the outdoors helps people grow into better versions of themselves. This is what excites him about the Everest mission, helping the community find their Everest. Vince’s mission as Chief Experience Officer of Everest is to empower the connection between sellers and consumers through engagement by celebrating the outdoors.

The experience process we are building at Everest focuses on collaboration, systems thinking, and a dedication to the craft. The Everest team uses a combination of data, storytelling tools, customer interactions, brand voice, design, and importantly, a dash of hot pepper sauce fun to create surprise and delight moments.


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