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Argentina: Pioneer in IT Education in LATAM

Argentine universities offer IT programs that support technology leadership, and are a pioneer in IT education in LATAM. Several technological advances have become relevant and...

The Education Verification Industry is Experiencing Rapid Disruption

Many companies have the opportunity in the new world of work to tap into tremendous potential savings by moving to a global remote workforce-...

Ramesh Balan

Ramesh Balan Founder & CEOTechnology, EntrepreneurSan Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Ramesh's Podcast! Ramesh Balan is the Founder and CEO of Knomadix. Ramesh Balan is a serial entrepreneur,...

Jarrod Morgan

Jarrod Morgan Founder & Chief Strategy Officer TechEd, Entrepreneur Birmingham, AL, USA Listen to Jarrod's Podcast! Jarrod Morgan is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Meazure Learning, the...

Top Organizations Staying Resilient with Continual Learning

According to a piece from the Harvard Business Review, “Companies and shareholders often focus on maximizing short-term returns. In contrast, resilience requires a multi-timescale...

The Need for Tech Integration Over Innovation in Education

It’s common to describe the impact of technology with fast, sweeping terms such as “revolution.” And while that may be accurate in some circumstances,...


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