Earle Hall

Headshot of CEO Earle Hall

Earle Hall

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Cloud, IoT
Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Earle Hall is the CEO of AXES.ai. Earle is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, futurist, visionary, and innovator in several fields of technology and neuroscience.

Mr. Hall is the Vice Chairman of the International Gaming Standards Association, a Board Member of the Government Blockchain Association, and the CEO of AXES.ai

AXES.ai, is a world-class Fintech specialized in the land-based gaming industry, present in more than 40 countries, dedicated to the eradication of money laundering, addictive gambling, and illicit activities through real-time blockchain-based data collection, artificial intelligence, and cashless solutions.

Earle is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and a Canadian Military Officer Veteran. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and has undertaken doctoral studies in Organizational Psychology.

Earle has delivered two TEDx on neuroscience and human behavior and was a Master’s Degree Teacher for ten years in Information Management and Emerging Technologies at the National Academy for Public Administration in Canada.


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