Kari Schwear

Headshot of Founder Kari Schwear

Kari Schwear

Founder & CEO
Executive Coach, Entrepreneur
Richmond, VA, USA

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Kari Schwear is the Founder of GrayTonic.

Kari Schwear is an Executive Lifestyle Gray Area Coach specializing in the many gray areas we have in our lives. Her zone of genius is in habit creation, communication, intentional living, and leadership development.

As a former gray area drinker, Kari founded GrayTonic, and Question the Drink, in 2018 after her own experience of “living in the gray” led her to the service of others. She offers bespoke coaching for business leaders seeking wellness, peak performance, and thriving relationships without alcohol. Kari has also co-authored two anthology books, Amazon #1 Bestseller, The Successful Mind, along with her second book, Limitless, a WSJ #1 Bestseller.

Kari helps people love their life, and themselves, while disrupting their self-sabotaging behaviors so they can finally enjoy life to the fullest NOW…not just “someday” when they retire or buy that vacation house. She helps them move out of the gray areas keeping them stuck, and discover the true zest of fulfillment and purpose they’re desperately seeking.

Kari Schwear is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read their podcast interview transcript.


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