Doug Roberson

Headshot of Chief Technology Officer Doug Roberson

Doug Roberson

Chief Technology Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Boca Raton, FL, USA

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Doug Roberson is the Chief Technology Officer at Allterco Robotics US, makers of the award-winning Shelly smart home products.

Shelly’s line of proven smart relays, plugs and sensors are uniquely designed to deliver the flexibility and connectivity needed to make home automation, smart buildings and IoT-based products a reality.

Doug Roberson is often tapped by the media as a home automation and IoT expert and is the leading technical liaison between Shelly and its network of North American distributors, OEM partners and installers. He also collaborates with third party partners to foster continued Shelly product compatibility and integration along with helping manufacturers improve the ways in which they use Shelly’s solutions.

Doug Roberson has been building computers, experimenting with electronics, and working on networks since his teens. Prior to joining Shelly, he developed Xeebot, a WiFi-based home security system, and worked as a software engineer.


Allterco Robotics is an innovative company founded in Bulgaria to make life easier for modern people. And we are achieving it, with a team of young talented developers, devoted to producing competitive and easy to use products that changed our world for the better.

Allterco Robotics’ devices are inspired by the end user’s dream to live a calmer life is coming true. Over the last few years, our team built a whole new trend in the Home Automation systems, Wearable devices and Health Care products. The company has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sells its products in more than 60 countries with our brands – Myki and Shelly.

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