Alexandrea Day

Headshot of Founder and CEO Alexandrea Day

Alexandrea Day

Founder & CEO
HealthTech, Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA, USA

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Alexandrea Day is the Founder and CEO of Meta Brain Labs™.

Behavioral science clinician, neuroscience innovator, and tech futurist, Alexandrea has pioneered initiatives that advance societal health and human achievement. Earned insights and unique interpretations of both the aspirations and unmet needs of the human condition and how it connects with the world became the motivational force to create a scalable breakthrough in behavioral analysis and treatment methodology.

In her book, Meta-Brain, she explains how Adaptive Therapy enables positive change at scale. It’s a new category-defining, hyper-learning process of identifying and modifying self-limiting beliefs stored in the unconscious. The adapted state of mind, referred to as a Meta-Brain, takes better control over variables and generates new powers of belief free to excel in performance and attain better health and well-being—permanently.

Alexandrea Day has taught the Adaptive Therapy process through her Washington State Vocational School, and travels globally to teach the techniques of Adaptive Therapy to individuals, healthcare professionals, and licensed therapists.

She also founded IAffirm, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, that addresses the gap between medical and mental disease treatments, measures the impact of psychosocial events that cause stress, and advises evidence-based treatment plans. IAffirm’s mission is to ignite innovation that advocates and strengthens human nobility through behavioral research projects and authoring hyper-learning products for Meta-Brain Labs™, the for-profit neuro-tech sister company.

As CEO of Meta Brain Labs™, she is directing four business units: Enterprise Transformation, Sports Performance, Healthcare, and Innovation – each delivering disruptive solutions and enabling open access by third parties, researchers, and strategic partners. Founded on the core belief in human possibility, the success model for Meta Brain Labs™ extends beyond pursuing product innovations, sound financials, and a leadership market position. Its higher calling will be to improve the health and well-being of humanity at large and help it achieve more of its potential.

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