Alex Carrillo

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Alex Carrillo

Technology, Analytics, Healthcare
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Alex Carrillo is the Co-Founder at Cuantafy.

He specializes in helping companies expand and grow by combining a human element with technology to develop sales & strategic relationships.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Alex is a proud first generation Mexican American. His knowledge and appreciation of both American and Latino culture – and fluency in English and Spanish – has helped him to create multiple business opportunities in Mexico and Latin America, often spearheading web initiatives and project development within these territories.

Alex has tremendous experience in business development and in building strategic relationships between companies to collaborate on projects, locally and abroad. He is a visionary in creating new business ideas or taking existing concepts and executing them with a clear plan of action and the ability to put together the perfect team. His high-caliber networks allow him to quickly and effectively tap into some of the best and most trusted resources across various industries and get the job done.

Alex is a proactive member of a new generation – a group whose comfort with the multi-cultural landscape has provided limitless opportunities for growth.

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