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The Benefits of AI-Powered Business Analytics

Business analytics give everyone from project managers to C-suite executives the ability to make better business decisions. Such tools turn otherwise unintelligible data –...

Benefits of Data Management in Large Retail Companies

Data management is essential in the field of business, including large retail companies. In addition, the great proliferation of new offers, demands and experiences...

5 Things Are Destroying Your Data – But There are Tools...

There is a reason this point in history has been called the Information Age. It is estimated that as a global society, we create...

Accelerated Analytics is Taking the Census Where It’s Never Been

The scale of the U.S. census is breathtaking. For 2020, the United States Census Bureau set the total national population at 331,449,281. At 4K...

Rob Belcore

Rob Belcore Co-Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Chicago, IL, USA Listen to Rob's Podcast! Rob Belcore specializes in the marketing effectiveness of brands, stores, and products in conjunction with...

Kevin Keenahan

Kevin Keenahan Co-Founder & CEO Health Tech, Entrepreneur Baltimore, MD, USA Listen to Kevin's Podcast! Kevin Keenahan is the SVP, Business Development, Net Health, and previously co-founder and CEO...


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