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Deduce Healing with New Scientific Breakthroughs in Diagnostics

Diagnosis is crucial to providing efficacious healthcare. Let’s have a look at the history. Hippocrates (400 BCE) was the first to systemize the process of...

Removing the Addiction Barrier

Treating PTSD in the Metaverse using VR (“VRx”) benefits from addressing underlying substance use disorders According to The National Health Study for a New Generation...

5 Important Principles All EMS Personnel Follow

Without a doubt, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians are everyday heroes. They are the first people the...

The Misconception About Veins and Why They Are the Next Big...

I'm often asked by investors, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals why a device designed for the arteries cannot be used in the veins.  I am...

Build Upon the Post-COVID Telehealth Boom with At-Home Diagnostics

While telehealth has been widely available for decades, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a huge surge in virtual care use. Yet telehealth is limited in...

David Stein

David Stein Co-Founder & CEO Health Tech, Entrepreneur New York, NY, USA Listen to David's Podcast! David Stein is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ash Wellness, a B2B at-home...


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