Akshay Krishnaiah

Headshot of Founder and CEO Akshay Krishnaiah

Akshay Krishnaiah

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Akshay Krishnaiah is the Founder and CEO of Line Financial. Akshay is a millennial, immigrant and Uber driver (36000 miles SF Bay Area) turned Techstars fintech startup founder. 

Before he became the CEO, he worked as a Product Leader at PayPal (75 consumer fintech patent publications). Akshay Krishnaiah is also a dad, husband, brother and proud son who came from extreme poverty.   

Akshay Krishnaiah served as the Global Product Head – Research Labs at PayPal for three years, and Entrepreneur in Residence – Retail Labs at PayPal for two years. He was also with eBay before his time at PayPal.   

After that, he spent over a year with the underserved population as an Uber/Lyft driver while hosting his house on Airbnb to freelancers, entrepreneurs, construction workers, traveling nurses and more.  

With his name against several of PayPal’s innovative technologies and inventions, over 75 patent filings encompassing Payments, Behavioral Biometrics, IoT, Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrencies, SoFi (Social/Fin-Tech), IOT, Identity, eCommerce, Retail, Human-Computer Interaction and more and has led strategic initiatives with companies such as Netflix, Dropbox and Nike, Akshay is passionately driving the future of Payments with what he calls FinTech for the People.  

When he’s not busy building the empire he is working on, Akshay loves to road bike with Team Asha and raise funds for disabled kids who can’t afford education in India. He is also a passionate cook and an avid reader.

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