Irina Portnova

Headshot of CEO Irina Portnova

Irina Portnova

Founder & CEO
Coaching, Entrepreneur
New York, NY, USA

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Irina Portnova is the CEO of Life Palette Coaching.

Since immigrating to NYC from Ukraine in 1994, Irina Portnova has been focused on searching for deeper meaning and purpose. With a ‘no quit’ attitude instilled by her family roots and core values, she embarked on a multi-year journey of self-discovery and gained a renewed sense of clarity, focus, and confidence.

After working in the corporate world in the accounting field for years, she discovered her true passion and gifts. She has been helping numerous people for many years and finally realized that we all are getting educated in college; however, nobody teaches us how to handle daily life. That was the epiphany and true eye-opener for her. Irina shares her personal story by saying that if we don’t notice the signs from the Universe, we are forced into unpleasant situations to discover our path. During the pandemic, she lost her job and found her purpose in becoming a Certified Manifestation Coach.

Irina Portnova helps clients live their best life by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. She is an expert in helping identify clients’ desires, set their goals and objectives, and hold them accountable for successful results.

Irina has trained at some of the personal growth development industry’s most prestigious institutions, including the Brave Thinking Institute, the Premiere Training Center for Transformational Coaching.

“As a Manifestation Coach, nothing makes me happier than helping clients realize they are more powerful than their circumstances, situations, and conditions. Inspiring others to look inwards, gain confidence, and explore their deepest passions brings meaning to my life – I truly believe that we rise by lifting others.”

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