AI Can Now Prevent Money Laundering & Addictive Gambling – Here’s How

AI used to help prevent money laundering and addictive gambling

The AXES Mission

AXES was created to solve a mission-critical problem in the land-based casino industry. Our mission is to bring greater legitimacy to the land-based Global Gaming Industry through traceability and transparency of transactions, all in an effort to eradicate money laundering, theft and fraud, as well as enforce responsible gaming and combat addictive gambling with real-time data.

Our path to legitimacy is to teach and educate, so as to lead the land-based Global Gaming Industry to the digital transformation required for it to survive and thrive. Real-time information, cashless solutions, and highly engaged engagement strategies are at the heart of this transformation, and AXES is the standard to follow.

As FinTech providers are breaking into the gaming industry, they will transform the industry and make gaming a traceable and legitimate event with KYC (Know Your Customer).

Know Your Customer

Cryptocurrency and digital currency transactions based on Know Your Customer are now the safest ways to make a transaction, while paper money is an inefficient tool that enhances the risk of money laundering. Cloud and blockchain technologies are the only methodology to ensure one hundred percent information security, as they are not physically viable to hack. As casinos go cashless, legitimacy will follow.

KYC creates a safe and fun foundation for a highly personalized gaming experience, where the player journey and player value becomes centric to customer satisfaction. All while combating addictive gambling.

Combating Addictive Gambling

The key to combating addictive gambling is real-time, fine granular data. By reviewing the real-time data reported to the AXES Cloud, operators can spot someone having an issue at a machine within 25 feet just by the change in the speed of the click, change in the bet denomination, or change of the game being played on a slot machine. There’s a multitude of behavioral changes that the real-time data can interpret and detect, and AXES can set the real-time alert to operators.  So like in the good old days, an operator can walk over and tap their customer on the shoulder, invite them to step away for a donut and a coffee, and allow them to cool off. The real-time data is essential to have the algorithms work in that way to set the alerts.

With that real-time data, the guardrail is set for anti-money laundering (AML) on the left and for responsible gaming on the right, so all that’s left is for the customer to have a fun and engaging entertainment experience.

Our role at AXES is to migrate our industry to cashless by real-time everything so that clients enjoy a highly captivating, engaging, and safe gaming experience while combating addictive gambling.

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