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Mark Beeston

Mark Beeston V.P. Sales & Marketing Healthcare, Technology Salt Lake City, UT, USA Mark's Podcast! Mark Beeston is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vioguard. Prior to...

Terry Rowinski

Terry Rowinski Chief Executive Officer Healthcare, Technology Milwaukee, WI USA Terry's Podcast! Terry Rowinski is the President & CEO of Health Payment Systems, in Milwaukee, WI. As President and...

Dr. Leah Houston Joins the Coruzant Podcast for a COVID-19 Update

ER Physician, Founder, and Coruzant feature joined The Digital Executive podcast with some updates on her contributions to help stem the spread and help...

Kourtney Govro

Kourtney Govro Founder, Vice President Healthcare, Tech Startup Kansas City, KS USA Coming Podcast! Kourtney Govro is the CEO and Founder of Sphere3®, a patient experience management software company...

Miguel Johns

Miguel Johns Founder and CEO Healthcare Startup Wichita, KS USA Miguel's Podcast! Miguel Johns is the Founder and CEO of KingFit, a preventative health company. Miguel comes from a...

Linda Gerber

Linda Gerber Executive Director Healthcare, Technology Kansas City, KS USA Coming Podcast! Linda is a member of the Cerner Population Health Team where she is the Director of Population...


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