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Matt Payne

Matt Payne Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Minneapolis, MN, USA Listen to Matt's Podcast! Matt Payne is the founder of KetoCoach and FastCoach. After living in China and working...

David Cannington

David Cannington Co-Founder & CMO Technology, Healthcare Perth, Australia Listen to David's Podcast! David Cannington is the Co-founder and CMO for Nuheara, and is a seasoned international sales and...

Divya Chhabra

Divya Chhabra Co-Founder & COO Technology, Healthcare San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Divya's Podcast! Divya Chhabra is the Co-Founder and COO of Dosis.  Before starting Dosis, Divya was...

Rav Roberts

Rav Roberts Chief Executive Officer Technology, Healthcare London, England, UK Listen to Rav's Podcast! Rav Roberts MBA, CEO of Pharma Sentinel which created, has a track record in...

Matthew Ko

Matthew Ko Co-Founder & COO HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Matthew's Podcast! Matthew Ko is the co-founder and COO at DeepScribe Inc., an artificially intelligent...

Akilesh Bapu

Akilesh Bapu Co-Founder & CEO HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Akilesh's Podcast! Akilesh Bapu worked as a researcher in deep learning, and applications to natural...


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