Features A Safety Data Sheet Management Software Must Have

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The primary reason why your facility needs safety data sheet management software is to conduct effective SDS management and also to keep your workers safe. Therefore the software must have features that make accessing all your SDSs simple and sharing safety and hazard information seamless. It should also include features that allow for regular upgrades to keep your company in compliance with all regulatory standards. 

Every facility should prioritize making their workplace safer because there are still a lot of instances in which employees suffer fatal injuries. The United States recorded 5,486 fatal work injuries in 2022, according to the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report. The reason? Lack of proper hazard communication and employee training. The proper utilization of safety data sheet software can solve all of these problems. 

To understand the right features of the software you must understand what exactly is its function and how it can benefit your facility. Continue reading and find out information beneficial for your understanding. 

What is a Safety Data Sheet Management Software

A safety data sheet management software is a comprehensive solution to address all safety data sheet(SDS) management worries. In easy terms, it helps you manage your SDSs right from creating new ones and maintaining all regulatory requirements. Besides, storing, updating, and sharing documents is seamless when using this software. With its help facilities can get access to a wide range of SDSs to collect hazard information on products that they handle. 

Advanced software of this type comes with the capacity to solve multiple problems. Moreover, it’s a solution that takes care of the unique needs of each facility and is known for being user-friendly. With the right software, facilities can also opt for certain online services that help them manage the documents and keep updated on all ever-changing regulatory requirements. Also, handling hazardous material till its disposal in the right way is possible using this software. 

How exactly should your facility use this software? Keep exploring to know your answers. 

Use of Safety Data Sheet Management Software

This kind of software is often handled by the administrator or the user. As a result, the application of this software will also differ depending on the purpose of using it. You can better understand what we’re trying to convey with the help of the points below. 

Users such as employees and students can use the view-only and read-only modes that are included with this software. Now let’s take a closer look at how to use that view-only mode.

  • Searching, Viewing, and Downloading SDSs: 

Users may quickly view the SDS and use this software to search for the product they need. For them, downloading the documents is not at all challenging. Furthermore, email is a convenient way to share these documents once they have been downloaded. It also saves time by eliminating the need to wade through a ton of documents, as the search is also customizable. Instead, users can benefit from advanced SDS search techniques that allow them to apply filters to speed up the process. 

  • Access to a Huge SDS Library:

Having access to these documents involves more than just having access to their internal SDSs. Why? The users are also able to check an SDS library that has multiple documents from various other manufacturers of similar products. Thus, users can access a wide range of data using this software and stay well informed. 

  • Requesting for SDSs: 

This software takes the process of SDS search to the next level by introducing options for adding required SDS to the cabinet. In case of unavailability of any required document, users can raise a request and get the required solution.  Thus getting access to additional information and documents is possible with ease when using this software.

  • Access to In-house documents: 

The users can also enjoy easy access to their in-house documents without facing any trouble. Apart from viewing and downloading the documents, the users can also enjoy 24/7 access from anywhere. Thus workers can conduct safety preparations at their own pace. 

  • Label Generation:

The workers of chemical manufacturing firms often need secondary container labels or shipping labels to ensure proper handling and shipping of chemicals. This software helps them find required labels for effective hazard communication. 

  • Getting Access to Reports and Updates:

Users can take the help of this software, to even get access to the reports which they can also download in the desired format. Moreover, they can get notifications on the updates that are made in the documents. The changes in regulations are also shared using this software through notifications. Thus users also stay informed and avoid paying penalties due to non-compliance issues. 

The admins can also use this software in the following ways.

  • Managing Users: 

Admins of this software can add, remove, or modify user accounts within the software. Thus, they can control who has access to SDSs understand what level of permissions they have, and can make necessary changes. 

  • SDS Management:

This software can also be helpful for admins as it allows them to upload, organize, and maintain SDSs within the software. Thus it helps to ensure that all necessary documents are readily available and up-to-date. 

  • Compliance Monitoring:

This software can also be used to track compliance with safety regulations. After all, the admins can monitor SDS usage, updates, and user activity within the software. Thus knowing the new regulations or changes and sharing them with the users is possible.

  • Customization: 

Admins can also customize the software to meet the specific needs of their organization. This includes categorizing SDSs, and creating custom fields that streamline the overall effort of SDS management. 

  • Response to User’s Request:

Users often share their concerns through email regarding SDS updates or to create back of the data. The admins can solve all issues and answer all queries that users send. Above all, it helps users stay connected with the admins to resolve issues quickly. 

Features of Safety Data Sheet Management Software

A safety data sheet management software must have features that help facilities manage, share, and store SDSs properly. Therefore, the following features are required. So,  take a look to know more. 

  1. Easy SDS Search:

An SDS management software must make searching safety data sheets simple by introducing an easy searching method. That’s why searching with advanced software is always simple and can be conducted using the product name only. However, users can make advanced searches in case they have additional information such as CAS number, manufacturer name, etc.

  1. SDS Authoring:

It must have the capacity of authoring new SDS and also maintain existing ones simultaneously. Moreover, users must be able to prepare desired containers and shipping labels using this software for proper hazard communication. 

  1. Updating SDS:

Users need the updated version of the SDSs and that’s why the software must provide the latest version along with its updates. That’s why advanced software has features to include updates from the manufacturers. Moreover, it must also send notifications to the users whenever any change is updated. 

  1. Validation of SDS: 

It must have features to verify if the SDS is valid or not. Therefore advanced software comes with a feature that allows offering a validation service for the SDSs. It helps verify if the format and information in the document are valid or not. Moreover, it verifies the correctness of all the documents once it’s updated.

  1. Compliance Monitoring:

This software should also have features to help monitor if the facility is following all the important regulatory requirements. With the compliance monitoring feature facilities can easily avoid paying heavy penalties. Therefore, it helps with conducting proper hazard communication that is required to stay compliant.

  1. Easy Integration: 

This software should be a great platform for facilities looking to enhance their capacity. Therefore, integration will be needed with time and an advanced one is easily compatible. That’s why facilities must choose software that helps integrate chemical inventory or other tools simple and seamless. 

  1. Reporting and Analysis:

Using this software facilities must also be able to find a perfect solution for reporting and analysis. With its built-in reporting and analytics tools chemical manufacturing firms and other facilities can track SDS usage, compliance status, user activity, and other key metrics.

Does your organization need SDS Management Software?

The answer is, yes, and here we have explained why. So, keep exploring to know why your facility needs SDS management software.

  1. Enhances Efficiency: 

This software simplifies SDS management processes by automating various tasks. For instance, it makes document storage, retrieval, and updates less difficult tasks and saves valuable time and resources.

  1. Improves Safety: 

This software empowers employees with easy access to up-to-date SDSs. Moreover, providing appropriate hazard information, and maintaining safety protocols becomes easier. Thus it helps create a safer work environment and also reduces the risk of accidents.

  1. Facilitate Risk Management:

It also helps gain better insights into chemical hazards and risks with the help of the information that this software provides. After all, it’s a comprehensive solution that also circulates safety tips along with hazard information. This is important for the preparation of emergencies.  

  1. Access to Hazard and Safety Information: 

Your workers or customers need to know how to handle those hazardous substances. With this software, users can get access to hazard information at any time using their smart devices. Moreover getting the safety information of those chemicals is also helpful. It helps ensure worker safety by providing the right and required information.


A safety data sheet management software is a perfect solution to conduct SDS management effectively. However, it must have some specific features to address the issues and provide the right solutions. Therefore, consider the features that we have highlighted here while choosing the right software for your business. Ultimately, it will become easier to ensure employee safety and follow regulatory requirements. 


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