Surbhi Gupta

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Surbhi Gupta

Product Leader
Technology, Speaker, Author
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Surbhi Gupta is the Product Leader at Zoox.

Surbhi Gupta is a product leader who has redefined the landscape of digital product management with her groundbreaking work in building innovative 0-1 products. She uses a strategic blend of megatrends, user insights, and innovative thinking to create new digital products that break new ground in the market for startups and large companies. Her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital space sets her apart, making her a catalyst for groundbreaking product innovation. Surbhi’s work has garnered recognition from  major media such as Forbes, where it has been featured among the purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

At Tesla, Surbhi built a groundbreaking product enabling zero-touch sales. This innovation embraced a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model and empowered customers with the information they need, minimizing the need for sales interaction and enabling Tesla to scale its sales. Tesla’s web-based application helped generate more than a billion in revenue and saved hundreds of thousands of man-hours each quarter.

At Meta, Surbhi led the member experience for the Instagram and Messenger Community Chats product. She played a pivotal role in spearheading cross-team collaborations and leveraging creative design to develop a cutting-edge signaling and notifications system focused on understanding diverse user needs; powered by machine learning analysis coupled with advanced personalization. Her innovation, leadership, and impact set new standards in the industry and have inspired other products to leverage similar experiences in redefining how people connect and engage on social platforms.

Beyond her role at tech companies, Surbhi Gupta is a startup advisor, speaker, and influential voice in leading business podcasts. She has earned recognition as an award-winning product builder and a trailblazer in her field. As a startup advisor, she mentors new founders on how to position their products so they land among the top 5% of successes out of the 30,000+ new products launched each year. 

Surbhi’s influence extends to diverse domains, including her role as a radio talk show host.  Through her work as a guest lecturer for the Tech MBA program at NYU Stern, Product Teacher at Product School, and as an advisor on  product board for multiple companies, Surbhi shares her expertise, insights, and experiences, nurturing aspiring product managers and driving the growth of knowledge in the field. Surbhi has actively engaged with the international product community by serving as a keynote speaker and panelist at renowned events like the Product Led Summit and IPL Women in Product. Her unwavering dedication to education and empowering others demonstrates her commitment to enhancing the dynamic discipline of product management. This is evident through her participation as a judge in competitions and through her writings.

Surbhi’s multifaceted talents are on full display in her work as a web and Netflix personality. She has coached over 300 individuals, with a particular focus on empowering immigrant women to build successful careers in the tech industry. Her dedication and contributions led to her winning the Miss Bharat California title, showcasing her commitment to empowering others.

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