Oliver Trundley

Headshot of V.P. Oliver Trundley

Oliver Trundley

Vice President Product Marketing
Technology, Software
London, England, UK

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Oliver Trundley is the V.P. of Product Marketing and New Products for Equus.

Oliver has spent his career working in mobility, albeit in a range of different roles. Starting in 2005, he spent the first 6 years of his career in expat tax at one of the Big4, before moving in-house, to run mobility operations for a large multinational. This opportunity not only gave him a chance to help manage large-scale mobility policy, organization and process overhaul, but also brought with it a stint as an expat in Singapore. It was also the time that Oliver was first introduced to AssignmentPro as a mobility management solution.

Moving back to the UK, Oliver spent 2 years heading up UK and global payrolls, before moving to Equus in 2015. Oliver’s varied experience from his roles in mobility, tax, payroll and technology all help him better understand clients’ needs, in order to get the best from their mobility software.

Dabbling in the world of global mobility, from tax returns, mobility operations, the highs and lows of payroll and currently tech to try pull it all together. No specific skills, just filling gaps.

Oliver Trundley is also featured on our Features Page.


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