Michael Liou

Headshot of Michael Liou

Michael Liou

Vice President Strategy & Growth
Technology, Investor, AI
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Michael Liou is the Vice President of Strategy and Growth at Chooch AI where he brings a unique blend of strategy, marketing, investing, venture capital, and product development skills.

Michael Liou brings an extensive background in venture capital where he has been an active early-stage investor investing in over 100 tech startups, including notable unicorns such as Robinhood, Zapier, Planet and Didi Chuxing. Michael worked for Citi Private Bank serving ultra-high net worth family offices in the Bay Area.

Prior to his role at Citi, Michael founded Anvil Capital Advisors. He also spent 18 years at Goldman Sachs as a managing director overseeing several business units both in NY and SF.

Chooch helps build and run the best Computer Vision AI applications that make cameras intelligent, enhancing productivity & revenues, while reducing operational costs.

Prior to joining Chooch, Michael has been an active early stage investor in NY, LA, and the Bay Area focused on FinTech, consumer, SaaS, AI and healthcare having made over 150 investments

He holds a Master of Business Administration from NYU’s Stern School of Business, a Master of Science from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and a Bachelor of Science from Brown University.

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