Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Headshot of Creator and Chief Wanderer Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Founder & CEO
Tech, Aerospace, Entrepreneur
Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks is the Creator & Chief Wonderer (CEO) for KeepWOL. With more than a decade of experience working at 5 different Fortune 500 companies plus being a black millennial woman in engineering & tech, Lauren understands from a personal and professional level what keeps employees engaged and wanting to stay at a company.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA in Operations Management. But at her core, she’s a curious, and at times overly transparent, conversationalist with a superpower of getting others to break down their fear of vulnerability and feel comfortable sharing as well. The combination of her strengths led her to create Keep Wondering Out Loud or, as she likes to call it, KeepWOL.

KeepWOL builds learning and development technology for teams that maximizes cultural intelligence through storytelling games and training content that is personalized to each employee’s learning preferences.


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