Martin Kawalski, MD

Headshot of Martin Kawalski, MD

Martin Kawalski, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Zurich, Switzerland

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Martin Kawalski, MD, Ph.D., is CEO of Snowcookie Sports—a physician and entrepreneur who uses his understanding of physiology and passion for technology to build products that enhance health and performance.

Martin, an avid skier, invented wearables that quantify technique in alpine sports, and recently launched a new digital ski platform, SKEO, in partnership with Olympian Bode Miller, to deliver the world’s most accessible connected ski platform—enabling users to ski smarter together with nextgen wearable technology and a new mobile app, available now on iOS and Android.

Before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, he had dedicated his focus to neuroscience, working in sleep medicine designing algorithms for pediatric sleep apnea detection.

Physician-turned-Entrepreneur, Martin Kawalski, combines his medical knowledge with a deep passion for emerging tech to develop first-to-market digital sports products that improve health, foster safety, and enhance performance.

As a licensed clinician, Kawalski dedicated his initial focus to neuroscience, designing algorithms for pediatric sleep medicine before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Outside of the office, Martin Kawalski is an avid skier, cycling enthusiast, and exercise guru.

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