Natalie Pilling

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Natalie Pilling

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Software
Warsaw, Poland

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Natalie is the CEO of EL Passion, a Poland-based software development & design agency. She’s also the Co-Founder of Dare IT, a mentorship program and community for Polish entering the tech industry.

Natalie is a non-technical tech enthusiast. She studied management & business at Warwick Business School (UK) and HEC Paris (France), and started her career in the traditional sectors of the economy as a consultant to German industrial companies, at Simon-Kucher & Siemens Energy.

After realizing that she thrives in a faster-moving, less hierarchical environment, she joined the Berlin start-up scene. There she worked in the management team of 2 early-stage startups helping to build up the companies. This is where she got in touch – and fell in love – with software development. The liked the immediacy of the feedback loop, but also the growth mentality and iterative approach to work of the people in the tech industry. Next, she joined EL Passion as CGO, shortly after taking over the CEO role. She’s now leading a company of about 50 tech experts, working with fast-moving tech SMEs from Western Europe & the US to build up digital products.

Natalie was also featured in HEC.

You can also find her here:
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