Liza Nebel

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Liza Nebel

Co-Founder, President & COO
Technology, Entrepreneur, AI
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Liza Nebel is the Co-Founder, President, and COO of BlueOcean, the first company to offer million-dollar brand audits in seven days for $17,000.

Liza has spent the last 20 years driving brand and marketing strategies for AT&T, Visa, Chevron, American Express, Barclays, Time Warner, IBM, and others.

At BlueOcean, Liza is leading the charge to build machine-learning systems that solve problems and provide insights at great scale and speed. For her work, Liza has been recognized in SF Business Times’ Top 100 Women Business Owners.

Brand has never been more important. Know the Answer. BlueOcean.

Liza Nebel who lives by 3 statements:
1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
2. I like to break things by making things.
3. Done is actually better than perfect. Do things. Finish. Move forward.

September 2017 – Top 100 Women Business Owners in the San Francisco Business Times –

Building machine-learning systems to solve problems and provide insights at great scale and speed. Execution is required, but design is everything.


BlueOcean is building predictive brandtech to allow Brand’s to navigate towards and continuously exploit whitespace growth. Their always on tool is aptly named Brand Navigator which helps you find your way in the tumultuous, changing, and vast ocean of business decisions.

Their difference: they are not survey based which is still slow, directional and biased. Rather, they have the data we need, we are accessible by nearly every single brand on the planet regardless of size or category, they have a frictionless sales and onboarding process and their underlying data assets are being built with the vision to power lines of business outside of the branding space for rapid expansion in their later years.

Liza Nebel is hiring. She is looking for new brand partners. BlueOcean is always open for a chat with possible partners and investors.

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