Robert J Flower PhD

Headshot of Dr. Robert J Flower, PhD

Robert J Flower, PhD

Founder & Executive Director
Human Behavior, Science, STEM
New York, NY, USA

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Dr. Robert J Flower is the Founder of Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, and is an entrepreneur, scholar, and “entelechist”.

Dr. Robert J Flower has dedicated himself to the study of potential and natural intelligence by introducing a unique system, founded in science and nature, to help individuals reach their full potential and maximize achievements.

One of the world’s leading authorities on the science of potential and achievement. Dr. Flower is a highly successful entrepreneur, consultant, Mensa Scholar, author and educator. Having started his business career with only $321, he grew his business to a net worth of well over EIGHT figures today. For over 38 years he has dedicated himself to the study of human potential and how to fully achieve it.

Late in 1980, Dr. Flower experienced an epiphany, which changed his life forever. He went through what mind scientists call a “state of enlightenment” which lasted for months. This led him on a quest all over the world studying ancient systems of thinking and cultures until he discovered a hidden mathematical and biological code. This code defined a master pattern in the structure of nature: a Natural Intelligence. By breaking this code, Dr. Flower uncovered a scientific way to achieve our highest potential.

To further develop this system, Dr. Flower founded the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences. Since then, he has successfully helped thousands of clients from all walks of life unlock their potential and achieve incredible results in every facet of their lives, businesses, and careers using Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI).

Dr. Robert J Flower has authored 11 books, several of which have received top acknowledgement from scientists around the world.

Further, since 1986 he has survived several bouts of leukemia. Only having the support of his family and using the lessons from natural thinking, was he able to survive.

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