Daniel Liu

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Liu

Daniel Liu

Co-Founder and CEO
Technology, Blockchain
Hong Kong, SAR

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Daniel Liu Daniel Liu is the Co-Founder and CEO for INFLUXO, and is an investor, portfolio manager, and compliance expert in the blockchain space.

He is and co-founder and CEO of INFLUXO and the partner of INBlockchian, one of the most influential investment groups in the Asian crypto space, incubating and seed funding blockchain projects like Sia, Zcash, EOS, Qtum, MobileCoin, Mixin, Poolin, and BigONE. INBlockchain specializes in Meaningful Blockchain Applications. Its business ranges from consulting, incubating to tokenization. INB also manages a pool of founders, connecting the best talents in the world.

With INB, Daniel has helped manage several rounds of funds in digital assets. He assists in overseeing all INB business sectors and formulating strategies to enhance synergies and growth opportunities. In addition, he advises management from portfolio companies on negotiation and legal matters, corporate finance and their implementation.

Daniel is also experienced in investment research and seed investment. Before joining the blockchain space, he worked for Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions and investment firms in Europe. Daniel studied in Germany and China and received a master’s degree from Frankfurt School of Finance.


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